10 Year Work Plan

 10 Year Work Plan Summary

As of 2018, the NSHTF’s 10 Year Work Plan is now complete. The work plan was a valuable tool to help us create a vision around the goals of the Task Force. Our priority was to provide a coordinated, partnership-based approach to addressing the issues related to eliminating and preventing homelessness on the North Shore, and this was achieved in many regards. Primarily, the NSHTF has found its strength in communication, both between organizations and municipalities, and with folks in the greater community. To review the 10 Year Work Plan Summary (2021) and get familiarized with the achievements of the Task Force over these 10 years, please click here. To review the original 10 Year Work Plan (2008), please click here. Thank you to all of our partners who have worked tirelessly towards preventing homelessness over these last ten years.