Homeless Count

Since 2002, the Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness (RSCH) has conducted a region-wide count of homeless individuals every three years.  The most recent count was in 2020, which included both a Point in Time (PiT) and 6 day trial extended count.  The main purpose of the homeless count is to enumerate and learn more about the homeless population in the Metro Vancouver region.  Specific objectives include:

  • Estimating the number of people who are homeless;
  • Obtaining a demographic profile of people who are surveyed or enumerated during the count; and
  • Identifying long-term trends in the number and profile of people who are homeless.

Service providers, planners, community groups, health authorities, municipalities and funders, use count data to assist in policy development, planning, and prioritizing programs and services to address the needs of people who are homeless.  The count is also used for public education and to increase awareness about homelessness and its solutions.

2017 Homeless Count

2014 Homeless Count

2011 Homeless Count

2008 Homeless Count

2005 Homeless Count

2017 Count

On March 8, 2017 Metro Vancouver conducted a point in time count of all the sheltered and unsheltered homeless across the Greater Vancouver Area. This count is conducted every three years.

On April 10th, 2017 a preliminary data report for this count was released.

2017 Homeless Count Preliminary Data Report

The North Shore Homelessness Task Force has written a statement regarding this initial report.

2017 Homeless Count NSHTF Statement

A summary report on the 2017 Homeless Count will be completed and posted here once the full data report is released in June, 2017.

2014 Count

2014 Metro Vancouver Homelessness Count (March 11 & 12)

The Metro Vancouver Homelessness Count takes place over a 24-hour period to address the needs of people who are homeless in the region through policy development, planning, and prioritizing programs and services. It includes a shelter and street component as described below. The shelter count will take place during the evening of Tuesday, March 11 and on the streets on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

Homeless Count 2014 Summary of Findings_North Shore Perspective

Metro Vancouver Homeless Count 2014 Full Report

2014 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count Terms of Reference

2014 Count Informational Letter

Count Yourself In Flyer

Frequently Asked Questions

2011 Count

2011 Metro Vancouver Homelessness Count (March 15 & 16)

2011 North Shore Homelessness Count Results

Complete Metro Vancouver Results

2011 Metro Vancouver Homelessness Count : Final Report

2011 Homelessness Count Final Report Media Release

2011 Homelessness Count Report Media Backgrounder

2008 Count

2008 Metro Vancouver Homelessness Count (March 11)

2008 Count Comparative Community Profile – March 2010

2008 Count Executive Summary

2008 Count FAQ

2008 Count report – revised March 2009

2008 Homeless Count Press Release

2005 Count

2005 Metro Vancouver Homelessness Count (March 15)

2002 Research Project on Homelessness In Greater Vancouver – Volume 1, 2, 3

2005 Homeless Count Bulletin – September 2005

2005 Homeless Count Report – September 2005