Become a Member

Membership in the NSHTF is voluntary and open to any individual, private organization, not-for-profit organization, or public agency or institution who supports the North Shore Homelessness Action Plan, and is committed to working collaboratively and actively to address the issue of homelessness on the North Shore.

By definition a task force is action oriented and it is expected that all NSHTF members will play an active role in ensuring the task force is able to accomplish its goals and achieve the results it is aiming for on behalf of the homeless on the North Shore and the North Shore community in general.

Organizations, agencies, and institutions who wish to become and maintain membership in the Task Force may appoint a representative to attend task North Shore Homelessness Task Force meetings and one or more representatives to participate on one or more working groups. Please review our Terms of Reference for more information. 

Those wishing to become a member of the Task Force and find out about upcoming meeting dates and locations may contact us.