The North Shore Homelessness Task Force (NSHTF) was formed in 1998 in response to reports of people living on the street. The Task Force spearheaded the establishment of the Youth Safe House, the North Shore Housing Centre, a local shower program, along with many other events and initiatives.

Beyond the establishment of these shelters and programs, the NSHTF meets as an open service network on a quarterly basis to address issues relating to homelessness and poverty on the North Shore. The Task Force focuses on areas related to support services, communications and information, and the continuum of housing.

Members of the Task Force include municipal employees, Vancouver Coastal Health, service providers, faith community members, law enforcement, interested North Shore residents, and more.

For some examples of the type of projects and work the NSHTF takes on, please see our Years in Review documents:

Rationale for the Task Force

Homelessness continues to be a reality on the North Shore and a pressing issue that requires ongoing action. The NSHTF was formed to provide coordinated, collaborative leadership and action on this issue, and it is important and appropriate that one North Shore-wide entity continue to provide this collaborative leadership and coordinated action in relation to homelessness. Since homelessness is a systemic issue, the NSHTF will continue to exist as long as it is considered necessary.

The NSHTF’s Approach to Homelessness

The NSHTF has adopted a two-pronged approach to homelessness on the North Shore:
1. Address the root causes of homelessness
2. Establish and maintain a continuum of housing and support services for the homeless