8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in attending this event at JBCC!

    Is it free for everyone?
    I am a single parent of two.
    I tried to send a email but it didn’t work.
    What will be in the comfort kits that will be given out, what day and time will it start? Thanks,


      • Hi, I seen a poster of it today at The income assisstance office and it seems like many services will be there. Will they give stuff out to families with kids as well?

        Or are they just general comfort kits for adults?

  2. Hi, it will just be me attending.

    Is it inside JBCC?

    What services will be attending the event?

    Is the date: October 13th correct? I want to make sure I’m going at the right day, so I don’t miss out.

  3. I am currently completing my Masters in public Health and have been concentrating on housing and homelessness. I am looking to start work by educating the public and reducing stigma and discrimination , I was wondering if you had any needs for education in the North Shore
    Thank You
    Cathy Bennett

    • Cathy
      Please contact me when you have time. I am interested in
      Understanding opportunities for those who need shelter.
      We have a transitory population here in Horseshoe Bay Village.



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