North Shore News: Seniors add to homeless numbers – October 10, 2012

From: THIS fall, a 75-year-old woman spent her nights sleeping outside at Ambleside Park. The news came from Paul Butler, who spoke to District of North Vancouver council last week on behalf of the North Shore Homelessness Task Force. Homelessness Action Week takes place from Oct. 7 to 13 on the North Shore, andContinue reading “North Shore News: Seniors add to homeless numbers – October 10, 2012”

Homelessness Action Week Schedule: North Vancouver

Homelessness Action Week is a Canada wide event, and it provides an important opportunity for the Task Force to reach out to the community and raise awareness about homelessness and support for initiatives to address it. As with any awareness raising event, the intention is not to think we can solve a problem in aContinue reading “Homelessness Action Week Schedule: North Vancouver”