North Shore proposed support/recovery house for women needs your support!

The District of North Vancouver has recently proposed the creation of a Support Recovery House for women struggling with addictions on the North Shore. More information on that project can be found here:

Those who are advocating for the house have asked that community members help support the process by writing letters of support to mayor and council, as well as local media. A sample letter – as well as contact information for press and council – can be found below.


Letters can be sent to the District of North Van Mayor Walton and Council at

Letters can be sent to the North Shore News

Letters to the North Shore Outlook can be sent to


To Whom It May Concern:

Homelessness, mental health and addiction are among the most significant social issues affecting our communities today. They are interrelated and increasing; and negatively impacting the quality of life of all our citizens. These are difficult issues that we must continue to address.

That is why, as a member of the North Shore Homelessness Task Force our organization is pleased to support Turning Point Recovery Society’s proposal to develop a nine-bed women’s addictions support recovery home in the District of North Vancouver. There are currently no licensed residential care homes for women on the North Shore with addiction issues to get well in their home community.

Turning Point is a licensed, non-profit organization that has been in operation for over 30 years improving the health and well-being of individuals with addiction issues, their families and the communities they serve. Turning Point’s programs provide solutions to one of the most critical health care issues facing our communities today.

Their programs and services provide positive solutions to a disease that negatively impacts not only the addicted, but their families, co-workers and the entire community – providing vulnerable individuals with the necessary tools to acquire self-sufficiency.

The property that Turning Point seeks to develop at 2670 Lloyd Avenue, North Vancouver is an ideal location for a women’s support recovery residence. It is tranquil and serene and somewhat private allowing for women to work on their recovery in a natural environment that is both healing and nurturing.

Providing women with addiction issues on the North Shore with the opportunity to recover in their own community without having to leave their homes and support networks is a cause we support. We look to Council to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to helping our own by supporting Turning Point’s proposal.



The key upcoming dates are:

  • January 28th– Deadline for the Alternate Approval Process (public counter petition regarding the park purposes amendment bylaw)
  • March 19th – Public Hearing for the re-zoning application at 2670 Lloyd Avenue.